Exchangable Battery Box by Lovson

Every tractor has an on board battery which is mounted under the seat. This battery is charged when the tractor is not in use and can power the tractor for up to 4 hours alone. It is also used to power the tractor when exchangeable battery packs are being loaded and un-loaded and to offer extended or continuous run time.

Exchangeable packs come in 14 kWh and 28 kWh sizes to power the most energy intensive implements continuously with exchanges every 4 to 8 hours. The exchangeable packs mount to the tractor using a standard 3-point hitch system with a quick release latch that can be loaded and un-loaded while the operator remains in the seat. Because the tractor has three 3-point hitches, the battery can be mounted in any of the three locations – middle, front or rear. The tractor can operate with up to 4 batteries including the one on board for traveling long distances hauling heavy loads.

Charging the exchangeable packs can be performed with the battery on or off of the tractor. With 2 exchangeable packs continuous operation on energy intensive tasks can be achieved by quickly swapping a dis-charged pack with a charged one. A discharged battery can charge from grid power or an onsite renewable energy source while the tractor continues its tasks.

The latest advanced lithium batteries are used and will last for over 10 years without maintenance.