Electric Tractor Pros and Cons

An electric tractor is a way of performing the same task as a gas or diesel tractor with up to 500% more efficiency at about 1/10th the cost of fuel.

How do you make an electric tractor?

Remove the internal combustion engine, fuel system, cooling system, , charging system, hydraulic system, and exhaust system from a conventional tractor.

Replace it with an electric motor or two, some linear motors, batteries, power controller, and a joy stick for steering and you have a more powerful and more efficient electric tractor.

Advantages of an Electric Tractor:

  1. Better lower end torque i.e. power
  2. Better delivery of power to the ground and steering control.
  3. Lower center of gravity
  4. No fossil fuels required, safer less harmful to environment.
  5. Less heat, Less noise, less vibration, less moving parts, less maintenance, less offensive smells.
  6. Lower cost of maintenance, easier to service, modular subsystems.
  7. Electric motors commonly used for powering heavy equipment so maintenance and repair widely available.
  8. Free low cost power from the sun, after the cost of the Photo Voltaic “solar cells” and batteries and charge controller are recouped.
  9. Tractor batteries can be changed out in a few minutes.
  10. Electric tractor has increased area on board for implements. Three conventional 3-point implements can be operational at the same time.
  11. 3-point attachment systems operated with electric servo motors increasing functionality and ease of use. i.e. can lift and adjust bottom two mounting points independently, great for adjusting attachment angle as well as height. Manual adjustments no longer required.
  12. Multiple functionality of charging system equipment. Can be used to charge tractor and or to power the entire homestead.
  13. Solar power charging system is same as solar home systems making parts, installation, and maintenance less expensive and readily available.
  14.  Tractor can have portable 115VAC inverter power available. Power produced for tractor is available to power devices on the farm anytime or to power the home if grid power is down.
  15. There are many efforts being made to move people to solar based systems; home based solar systems, other countries moving to replace grid power from sun power, Tesla and other electric automobiles companies increasing availability of electric vehicles.
  16. Personal solar charging system costs can be delayed. Tractor can be charged from grid power at a cost savings over petroleum based fueled tractors. Grid power is a little more efficient producer of power than petroleum based engines when including transportation costs, etc.
  17. Weight of batteries is an advantage in tractors as it increases useful traction. Operational is efficiency increased.

dis-Advantages of an Electric Tractor:

  1. Less familiar to public, personal resistance to change, some education required, mis & dis information too common.
  2. Initial cost of Personal solar charging system is high compared to shared cost of delivery of petroleum based fuels. Pays for itself in 5-8 years based on design and multiple uses for system, i.e. charging tractor and powering homes, etc. Option to delay cost by charging tractor from grid power.
  3. Embedded oil companies and internal combustion engine manufactures motivated to resist solar based power systems.
  4. Legislation slow to move in a direction to support personal solar charging systems.
  5. Few electric tractors available until demand increases.
  6. Fewer repair technicians available, but number of qualified are increasing rapidly.