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Electric Tractor Videos

1. Green Wheels: Solar Power 3:01

Oct, 18, 2007 Grab your sunscreen, because on this episode everything's powered by the sun. We'll meet "solar guru" Steve Heckeroth. Not only is his homestead 100% solar-powered, so are his vehicles. He designs and builds electric tractors, and he charges them, along with his Toyota Rav4-EV, with free energy from the sun. We'll also check in with the Stanford Solar Car Project team and their UV-powered car -- Solstice. Covered with solar panels and stocked full of lithium ion batteries, this car looks like a UFO and can drive across the country without ever stopping to fill up!

2. Electric Tractor Development 2:25

Uploaded on Dec 1, 2010

Electric-tractor maker GEARS UP
Steve Heckeroth plans to expand his production.
by Geraldine Warner, Good Fruit Grower

3. Electric Tractor Test Drive 1:12

Uploaded on Jun 30, 2007  Energyfarm

We are visiting Steve Heckeroth and testing an electric tractor that he designed and built from scratch. This tool is one of a kind. Watch how quick it is to learn to operate this unique tool.

4. A Solar Charged Future, Presented by Steve Heckeroth 1:43

Presented 21 Nov 2005
Uploaded by Willits Community Television Inc
Saturday, October 18, 2014 at 1:56 PM EST

Willits Community Television Inc, is the local Cable Access PEG TV station for Willits California residents. Channels available on Comcast in Willits, on Channel 3, 64 & 65.

5. Solar Electric Tractor Model 12 - Steve Heckeroth 7:20

Diesel tractor converted to all electric with greatly improved performance.
Published on Feb 11, 2013  by Paul Wheaton
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