Ag Utility Tractor
Ag Utility Tractor

13th May, 2021

The Ag Utility Tractor

An Electric Workhorse for Almost Any Job

The Ag Utility Tractor

A Workhorse for Almost Any Job

The ag utility tractor is the venerable workhorse of most small to medium-sized farms in North America. Typically 30 to 40 horsepower, with a front-end loader and 540 power take-off (PTO), this style of tractor is the Swiss Army Knife on any farm. From moving dirt, tilling and disking soil, hauling, and just about any job that needs to be done - this is the tractor to do it.

Until recently, diesel-powered utility tractors have dominated the agriculture industry. But, as battery technology improves every year, electric powered, zero emission ag utility vehicles are quickly becoming the preferred alternative for small-to-medium sized farms, multi-hitch facilities, and municipalities.

The power and efficiency of an electric tractor motor easily surpasses a typical diesel tractor engine. The electric motor inside the Solectrac eUtility Electric Tractor is about the size of a watermelon and only weighs a couple of hundred pounds, yet it produces the same horsepower as its diesel counterpart nearly six times its size. And, it achieves this output with only one moving part, it does not require oil or maintenance, and it does not expel greenhouse gas emissions.

It's All About Torque

One of the greatest advantages of an electric powered utility tractor is its ability to instantly generate full torque. Combustion engines must rev up to an optimal RPM to achieve a desired level of torque, but an electric powered tractor can produce its maximum torque at any speed. This gives the driver much greater control, allowing the tractor to move at much slower speeds than a diesel tractor ever could. This is particularly useful when maneuvering in tight spaces where speed is a concern.

The Right Tool for the Job

Working the soil every day is hard work, and farmers expect their machinery to work when they need it and are usually quick to fix things themselves if needed. Solectrac is producing the next generation of zero emission ag utility vehicles; a low maintenance, renewably powered alternative to the traditional diesel tractor.

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